GBV2 Ghost Box v3.0 Customer Reviews:


Omg its true this app

I asked about my father if he was alive or dead it said alive this app is very very real


Just bunch of background noise whit AI generated half words

If you listen carefully you will find a simple computerized pattern of nearly the same fragments of words.

Omg is see people on there saying i love this app n it work goods, and i see 1 girl on here saying all the app work's, come on you don't no nothing about ghost do you lol, oh oh oh this is fake man,

Even though the sound quality isn't great... I'm giving you 5 stars!! It really works!!! Can't waite for the upgrade guys you ROCK*****

Ghost box

Love it!!!!



Put Small Button Back

Please. Good app. VERY hard to hear when they speak.


voices that came through are relevant I will highly recommend to everyone on my favorite YouTube channel top5s, I wish it had a record option so I can play back in real time, does the sv77 have that option and is the sound clarity clearer on the sv 77


The GBV2 3.0

I personally am haunted an living with spirits in my home. Some of them I know some of them I don't I have known an proven this for many years. And as a researcher & investigator I am always trying to test new devices and ways to communicate. When I used this device it was an easy prove how well it works by backing up what I already knew an having an easy conversation with two spirits around. An asking them if this device was easier to use the response was yes. Much more conversations to come. DMorseo.

It's Awesome

I Heard alot of things

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